Ros Story

"Bejewelled Couture is my favorite  expression of incredible Indian Art”

Telling through creations what words cannot express                Ros anto parekattil

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# About Fashion

ROS Story is specialized in contemporary bridal wears which is crafted with handpicked natural stones especially with the natural pearls,meticulous twinkling 3 dimensional embroideries and intricate iridescent beading,tailored to magnificent perfection…

ROS Story pursues excellence in design and irreproachable craftsmanship to create a garment worthy of a bride most treasured moments,for which we blend the treasures from nature with its perfect contours which creates our signature look for all the brides to be..

# Bridal Story


Our signature wedding outfits have a certain look about them. Exquisite 3D bejewelled embroidery finest fabrics and romantic pastel shades all play a part in making our dresses truly magnificent

Rosstory Bejewelled couture our one of a kind embellishments represents the DNA of our atelier and its foundation,with exceptional beauty and rarity           The elemental nature of pearls and refinement of ornamentation are strikingly revealed in our signature ensemble

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Individual Collection

Natural stones and 3 dimensional embroideries…
To begin with, bejewelled couture is my favourite expression if incredible Indian art. Telling through creations what words cannot express in a vintage concept.

Unique Collection

Ros story’s biggest influencing factors are romance and classic style. Each of our outfits has a contemporary look with a vintage charm,making it timeless in beauty and style. Let you fashion and style speak for your uniqueness.

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Winter Collection

Rosstory bejewelled From ocean floor to indian cathedral gardens.. Autumn winter 2020-2021 It has always been associated with nature